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Artist Statement

Growing up close to Los Angeles, I had an inhabited sense of living beyond or elsewhere. The hypnotic openness of space and light that I have encountered and interact with guides my work, developing an intrinsic sense of place. These experiences and perceptions make contemplation and reflection tangible, just how sunlight generates images on the surface of water or glass. 

Oscillating between video and film, my work proposes a dialogue between engagement and interiority. Through themes such as desire, memory and place, I use the video camera to reflect on the transitional and anticipatory moments of my everyday life. My videos are a catalog of light and sound, charged with physical and experiential energy and imbued with a generosity of being. My work illuminates the act of image-making as a dynamic, search and sense-making process that liberates memory, a constant decaying and regenerating phenomenon. Working from personal photographs, my oil paintings are influenced by the ever-changing flux in nature and memory, the ephemeral state of both, and the visual metaphors that they create.  

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